Amazing Deal: Best budget tablet Tesco Hudl 2 for £109


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Hudl 2 Cheapest Price

The best budget price tablet is the Tesco Hudl 2. It’s received plenty of positive reviews for its build quality, generous space and screen quality and it comes in plenty of colours to appeal to kids.

Until 21st of December, Tesco are offering a £20 off £100 e-coupon on selected Technology including the Hudl 2 so you’re getting it for a really good price of £109! Use the code TDX-PKJK for £20 off.

Can you use Clubcard boosts to buy the Tesco Hudl 2? Yes! Save even more by exchanging your vouchers for points during the checkout stage.

Hudl 2 Specifications

Hard Drive Size 16 GB
Screen Size 8.3″
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1200
Memory 2GB
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n
3G/4G No
Bluetooth Yes
 Ports Micro-USB  and Micro-HDMI
Battery Life 8 hours
Front-Facing Camera Resolution 1.2MP
Rear-Facing Camera Resolution 5MP


Buyer Beware: LG Televisions track what you watch, tell advertisers and then make money of it

20/11/2013General, Technology

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LG LogoIf you’re buying a television this Christmas or during the obligatory sales you may want to think twice before purchasing an LG Smart TV.

It’s been reported the the South Korean firm tells advertisers what channel you’re watching and watching files are on your USB drive:

  • Tell LG what channel you’re watching and when you change channel
  • Tell LG what files you have on your external hard drive or USB drive
  • Allow advertisers to target you and show “relevant” on YOUR purchased TV

The setting that allows this is to happen is in the Options window of the Menu and it’s switched on by default but what’s even worse this is that it seems that the setting you use to switch this “feature” off, doesn’t actually work!

The blogger who found out this information got in touch with LG Electronics and received this nonchalant response from the helpdesk.

Good Morning

Thank you for your e-mail.

Further to our previous email to yourself, we have escalated the issues you reported to LG’s UK Head Office.

The advice we have been given is that unfortunately as you accepted the Terms and Conditions on your TV, your concerns would be best directed to the retailer. We understand you feel you should have been made aware of these T’s and C’s at the point of sale, and for obvious reasons LG are unable to pass comment on their actions.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind Regards

LG Electronics UK Helpdesk
Tel: 0844 847 5454
Fax: 01480 274 000
UK: [premium rate number removed] Ireland: 0818 27 6954
Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm Sat 9am-6pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm


As some of the commentators point out, uploading viewing habits is not considered personally identifiable information, but sure if the filesnames on your USB drive do contain a name, then it could become identifiable?

Is LG the only one doing this? Probably not but if you value you’re privacy and don’t want to have to see even more ads on a television you’ve already paid for, then you may want to check out the privacy policy and features of your shiny new TV.

Information provided courtesy of DotorBeet’s Blog.


The Best Nexus 4 Sim Only Deals

18/12/2012Mobile Phones, Technology

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Google Nexus 4If you’ve been one of the lucky ones who’ve managed to order a Google Nexus 4 then not only should you be immensely proud that you’ve beaten the hoards but it’s now time to consider the best Nexus 4 Sim Only deals that will keep the costs down but allow you to use the Nexus 4 without worrying about extra charges from the networks.

So for those have bought the Nexus 4 for £239 (8GB) or £279 (16GB), let’s take a look at some of the best deals on offer for Sim Only deals on 1 month and 12 month contracts.


Nexus 4 Sim Only deals for heavy call, text and data users

Currently the best deal is Three’s ‘One Plan 1’ which is £25 on a rolling 1 month contract and includes unlimited data, 2000 minutes, 5000 texts plus 5000 minutes to any other three mobile phone user. Three will also send you a micro-sim no Blue Peter tasks for you.

Closely followed is Vodafone’s £26 Sim Only Deal on a 12 month contract. Vodafone offers 2GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts, 750MB of WiFi usage. Again Vodafone will send out a microsim instead of a standard SIM for your Nexus 4.

Both deals are competitive but the three One Plan just edges out for the vast majority of people, saving you £12 over a year but if you know your call usage is going to be greater or you could do with the WIFI when out and about then the Vodafone deal wins out.

Sim Only Deals Breakdown

Deal Cost/Month Mins Texts Data Contract  Yearly Cost
Three One Plan £25.00 2000 5000 Unlimited 1 Month £300
Vodafone Sim £26.00 Unlimited Unlimited 2000MB 12 Months £312
O2 Simplicity £27.00 900 Unlimited 500MB 12 Months £324
Orange Panther £31.00 1200 Unlimited 1000MB 12 Months £372


Nexus 4 Sim Only deals for light call, text and data users

For those that are not likely to exceed to their data usage then the best deals are from O2 and Vodafone.

Vodafone have a couple of plans suitable for light users, for £10.50 you get 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB data. If the data limit is a bit on the low side for the Nexus 4 (or any smartphone for that matter) then they offer 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB for £15.50. On both these deals you also get 500 minutes to other Vodafone mobile users on 12 month contracts.

The O2 Simplicity plan for £16.50 gives you 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data on a 1 month contract. If you take it on a 12 month contact, you’ll get 300 minutes instead of 100 minutes. 500MB may not seem a lot but consider the amount of times you will actually be away from home WiFi.

Footnote: The Nexus 4 uses a non-standard Micro-Sim card (just like an iPhone 4 or iPad 3) so make sure your network provider can provide you with a Micro-Sim.


Keep an eye on our list of Mobile Phone and Smartphone discount codes Deals where we list the best deals out there.


Cheap domain names from GoDaddy


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Buying a domain name cheaply with the help of GoDaddy to kick off the new year. Your new years resolution may involve starting your own business or just sharing your thoughts with the world. Having your own website is a must – even if you have no intention to use it straight away. If you don’t buy it, someone else could and even worse a competitor could buy it and use it ways you wouldn’t want.

I’ll show you how to buy a domain name cheaply and easily.

Choosing a Domain name

When you buy a domain name, the biggest challenge will be finding a short memorable domain name that conveys what you and your website is about.

Since all the good short names have disappeared (the ones people can remember) it’s quite common to choose a “longtail” domain name, so if you’re Paul and a builder in Birmingham, chances are the very catch domain name or has already been taken. It’s time to think differently.

This is where you should consider other names, such as, wait, that’s gone too. Maybe It’s definitely longer but if someone is looking for YOU or looking for a builder in Birmingham, you’ve ticked the right boxes.

Choosing between or .com

This is a no brainer. If you can, buy both. No two ways about. Buy both. Short and sweet. Of course, if say you’re in Canada, then .ca will be your country level domain name, so you would buy both .com and .ca.

Where to buy a domain name cheaply

Once, you’ve thought of a name it’s time to buy the domain name. All you need is a credit card, debit card or PayPal account to purchase and cost is low.

The great thing is right now there are some good deals on domain names from

The best deals are the .com domain name for $2.95 (£1.82) for up to 5 domain names and £2.69 for a domain name for the first year – even better is it includes something called “Private Registration” which means that, if you like, you can hide the name and address of the domain name, it’s always a good idea to do this to prevent some junk emails.

Latest GoDaddy coupons

Some of the latest GoDaddy coupon codes on our website (which are activated automatically):

If you know exactly what you’re looking for then take a look at our up to date list of GoDaddy coupons on our website.