The Best Nexus 4 Sim Only Deals

18/12/2012Mobile Phones, Technology

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Google Nexus 4If you’ve been one of the lucky ones who’ve managed to order a Google Nexus 4 then not only should you be immensely proud that you’ve beaten the hoards but it’s now time to consider the best Nexus 4 Sim Only deals that will keep the costs down but allow you to use the Nexus 4 without worrying about extra charges from the networks.

So for those have bought the Nexus 4 for £239 (8GB) or £279 (16GB), let’s take a look at some of the best deals on offer for Sim Only deals on 1 month and 12 month contracts.


Nexus 4 Sim Only deals for heavy call, text and data users

Currently the best deal is Three’s ‘One Plan 1’ which is £25 on a rolling 1 month contract and includes unlimited data, 2000 minutes, 5000 texts plus 5000 minutes to any other three mobile phone user. Three will also send you a micro-sim no Blue Peter tasks for you.

Closely followed is Vodafone’s £26 Sim Only Deal on a 12 month contract. Vodafone offers 2GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts, 750MB of WiFi usage. Again Vodafone will send out a microsim instead of a standard SIM for your Nexus 4.

Both deals are competitive but the three One Plan just edges out for the vast majority of people, saving you £12 over a year but if you know your call usage is going to be greater or you could do with the WIFI when out and about then the Vodafone deal wins out.

Sim Only Deals Breakdown

Deal Cost/Month Mins Texts Data Contract  Yearly Cost
Three One Plan £25.00 2000 5000 Unlimited 1 Month £300
Vodafone Sim £26.00 Unlimited Unlimited 2000MB 12 Months £312
O2 Simplicity £27.00 900 Unlimited 500MB 12 Months £324
Orange Panther £31.00 1200 Unlimited 1000MB 12 Months £372


Nexus 4 Sim Only deals for light call, text and data users

For those that are not likely to exceed to their data usage then the best deals are from O2 and Vodafone.

Vodafone have a couple of plans suitable for light users, for £10.50 you get 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB data. If the data limit is a bit on the low side for the Nexus 4 (or any smartphone for that matter) then they offer 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB for £15.50. On both these deals you also get 500 minutes to other Vodafone mobile users on 12 month contracts.

The O2 Simplicity plan for £16.50 gives you 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data on a 1 month contract. If you take it on a 12 month contact, you’ll get 300 minutes instead of 100 minutes. 500MB may not seem a lot but consider the amount of times you will actually be away from home WiFi.

Footnote: The Nexus 4 uses a non-standard Micro-Sim card (just like an iPhone 4 or iPad 3) so make sure your network provider can provide you with a Micro-Sim.


Keep an eye on our list of Mobile Phone and Smartphone discount codes Deals where we list the best deals out there.


Cheap domain names from GoDaddy


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Buying a domain name cheaply with the help of GoDaddy to kick off the new year. Your new years resolution may involve starting your own business or just sharing your thoughts with the world. Having your own website is a must – even if you have no intention to use it straight away. If you don’t buy it, someone else could and even worse a competitor could buy it and use it ways you wouldn’t want.

I’ll show you how to buy a domain name cheaply and easily.

Choosing a Domain name

When you buy a domain name, the biggest challenge will be finding a short memorable domain name that conveys what you and your website is about.

Since all the good short names have disappeared (the ones people can remember) it’s quite common to choose a “longtail” domain name, so if you’re Paul and a builder in Birmingham, chances are the very catch domain name or has already been taken. It’s time to think differently.

This is where you should consider other names, such as, wait, that’s gone too. Maybe It’s definitely longer but if someone is looking for YOU or looking for a builder in Birmingham, you’ve ticked the right boxes.

Choosing between or .com

This is a no brainer. If you can, buy both. No two ways about. Buy both. Short and sweet. Of course, if say you’re in Canada, then .ca will be your country level domain name, so you would buy both .com and .ca.

Where to buy a domain name cheaply

Once, you’ve thought of a name it’s time to buy the domain name. All you need is a credit card, debit card or PayPal account to purchase and cost is low.

The great thing is right now there are some good deals on domain names from

The best deals are the .com domain name for $2.95 (£1.82) for up to 5 domain names and £2.69 for a domain name for the first year – even better is it includes something called “Private Registration” which means that, if you like, you can hide the name and address of the domain name, it’s always a good idea to do this to prevent some junk emails.

Latest GoDaddy coupons

Some of the latest GoDaddy coupon codes on our website (which are activated automatically):

If you know exactly what you’re looking for then take a look at our up to date list of GoDaddy coupons on our website.


Figleaves Christmas Sale items

12/12/2012Christmas 2012

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This offer has now ended.View current Figleaves discount codes and offers.

It’s almost obligatory to receive underwear or socks at Christmas, and this Christmas Figleaves have some discounts and offers until 21st December 2012.

25% off Mens Socks, Scarves and CK One Boxers from Figleaves

Pair of CK One Holiday Boxers for £25.50 from FigLeaves
Right now you can get 25% off a pair of CK one boxers for £39.75 or a pair of CK One Christmas Boxers for £25.50Gant Woven Hunters Check Pyjamas for £26.25 or 3 Pack of Pringle Socks for £11.25.





20% off Women’s Calvin Klein Bras, Briefs and more

Calvin Klein Metallic Chrome Briefs from Figleaves And for women, there’s a massive number of Calvin Klein briefs and bras on sale including the picture Calvin Klein Metallic Chrome briefs for £12.80 and the Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Customized Lift Bra for £25.60 though I imagine you would have to be brave to buy that for your girlfriend or wive.






30% off Cashmere lounge wear and hoodies

Retreat Cable Sweater Dress from FigleavesPerfect for winter nights are a large selection of Cashmere products starting from £42. Let’s be honest these look far more appealing that jogging pants and t-shirt. Our favourite is the pictured Retreat Cable Sweater Dress for £45.50 or for that extra touch of sophistication you can always walk around with a Cashmere Blend Snuggle Circle Scarf for £35.








There’s over 200 products in total on discount, hopefully you’ll find something for you or a loved on this Christmas from Figleaves.

Standard delivery is £3.50 and that’s either to your door or a conveniently located post office.

If you’re looking for specific promo codes or special offers, remember to always check for the very latest working codes.


Weekend Shop: Not to be missed special offers and promotions


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December is here and Christmas deals and promotions are taken up a notch. Let’s take a look at the best promotions offered by retailers this weekend.

5. Godaddy Discount Codes and Coupons

For anyone looking for cheap domain names or hosting, this has been a fantastic week as Godaddy has dropped their prices on domain names to just £1.25 for .com domans and £1.99 for domains. Godaddy have extended the offer through this weekend. Ends 3/12/12.

View GoDaddy coupon codes

4. Boots Better Than Half Price deals and discount codes

Lots of big deals to be had at Boots with plenty of discount codes flying around from fragrances to mens electric shavers and Blue or Pink Inno Tab 2 from about £43. There’s also triple points on offer too on orders over £60.

View Boots voucher codes


3. BHS Half Price Hampers from £31.10 with Free delivery

BHS have half price sweet and savoury hampers starting from £35. Use our voucher code and it’s yours to enjoy for £31.10 with free delivery. View BHS Voucher Codes and Deals

2. Superdry 20% off Daily Deals

Today sees the start of Superdry’s special offers month. They’re offering  20% off each day on one mens and womens clothing item, only catch is the offer only lasts for 24 hours. Fingers cross you can find something suitable.

View Superdry Voucher Codes and Deals








1. Homebase 15% off discount code

 Valid until 3rd December, enjoy 15% off voucher code for Homebase online and until Sunday 2nd December. Keep an eye out for double discounts on already discounted products including kitchen units, dining room furniture and flooring.

View Homebase voucher codes



Save with ASDA: Ask for a Smiley Discount Voucher

31/10/2012Supermarket Tips

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ASDA Smileys Can Save You Money

Save with ASDA

Saving money at supermarkets is something we all try and do usually by finding a  bargain or special offer. However, if you’ve ever been disappointed to find a special offer has sold out or there’s only one item left on the shelf so you can’t fulfil the Buy One Get One Free offer then ASDA has a little known secret to keep you smiling..

ASDA Smileys

They call them “Smilies”. They’re vouchers that members of staff on the shop can give you when the shopping deal you saw is not in stock or when you need the out of stock item but have to opt for a more expensive version.

As an example, my local ASDA did not have any ASDA Own Brand Rosemary jars (59p) so I had to opt for the more expensive Schwartz Rosemary priced at £1.12.

A quick word with a member of a staff and I got a little green Smiley voucher giving me the Schwartz Rosemary Herbs for the same price as the ASDA Own brand version!

Don’t forget to try this in your local ASDA!

Whilst I’m here, don’t forget that Tesco and Sainsburys do have similar deals to keep their customers happy.


We’ve launched the best money saving voucher and discount site in the UK!


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Welcome to the newest but most technical advanced coupon, voucher and discount code website in the UK! We’re ready to bring you the hottest deals from the top retailers in the UK!

From Tesco to John Lewis to Apple, we’ll have you covered with the best money saving vouchers!


So stay tunes and don’t forget to register and you cold win a prize! (We haven’t quite decided what that will be yet.

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